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In my quest to find some quality advice and opinions (other than just my own) for joining the Merchant Navy, I inevitably came across some good websites and some excellent blogs, all with a thing or two in common with mine; they want to help and give advice about cadetships, training and life in the ‘merch,’ they all have pictures from around the world and all striving to be as professional as possible.

The unique differences being; they have totally different experience and backgrounds from mine, so if Anchor Handling or container ships might not be your cup of tea then cruise ships or sailing vessels might be. Below you will find a short synopsis of their blogs and my favourite picture from their site.
Also I found an excellent forum website tailored for Officers, aspiring cadets, current cadets and basically anyone with questions about joining up etc. we are all mariners so you can at least trust the advice to be honest! it can be found here…
Alistair Baillie Second Officer on cruise ships. An engaging blogger, writes very useful posts that will help aspiring and current deck cadets. His blog goes all the way back to his initial applications and interviews.
Antijanner is a qualified engineer working on offshore supply ships. He’s written a number of useful posts that might be of interest to those preparing for their sea phases.
Crossing the Line Christopher Doyle documents life as a deck cadet on cruise ships from application onwards. The blog includes some travel commentary and lots of pictures!
Harry at Sea Harry is a deck cadet on cruise ships, and he blogs about life at college and at sea. His blog’s just starting up so be sure to visit and comment to keep him posting!
Salt and Cider may be of particular interest to my female refers ritten by size4riggerboots, this blog offers an entertaining inswho my be apprehensive of joining, Size4 gives a no holds barred approach to her life as a cadet and now a qualified officer. Size4 documents her time on cruise ships, buoy tenders, ro-pax ferries and general cargo ships along with her time at college.
To Sea A new blog written by an aspiring deck cadet. As with all new blogs, go have a read, comment and encourage. Everyone needs motivation to blog so let him know that you’re interested, I for one am looking forward to the next sea phase pictures.
No… Not prison… College berth!!
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