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Christmas is a touchy subject for many mariners, many of us spend it thousands of miles away from our friends and families, which is fine, we know what we signed up for but I’ve met mariners that have not had a Christmas in home in 3 decades and never once sharing a christmas with their children, making my 6 years of no Christmases at home pretty trivial.
But for many mariners this time of year is a good time for finding extra work, be it temp work to cover the cost of a Christmas with a wife, 3 daughters and all with expensive taste or to start a new career with a new company because this year hasn’t bought them so much luck. But whatever the reason for seeking work might be there are limited avenues to explore as a mariner to get that work, this post is about an exciting new way to find and secure that Christmas temp job or full time new career. Ship staff UK is a UK based recruitment service for mariners seeking work and those with positions that require filling, a seem less and easy service, both professional in manner and knowledgable about the maritime industry.
Ship staff UK is a family run enterprise that promises unrivalled customer service and dedicated case handling. The managing director William Espiner, an experienced deck officer, professional sailing dingy racer and university graduate ensures that the right people get the right jobs and he is keen to help clients from the United Kingdom old and new over the festive season and into the new year.
So the qualified mariners among you looking for temp or perm positions please visit their site and upload your CV or alternatively contact them directly here.
Anyone who has had interactions with Ship Staff Uk please feel free to comment below and tell us of your experience with their service.
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  1. Getting your foot in the door is what really counts. It is a pain to find a solid job out there, but as long as you show a good reputation, balance in this field can be possible.

  2. I have a husband in alaska that enjoys the seas, but the work schedule is horrible. It would be no surprise to see him gone during the holidays

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