Welcome to my blog

Hi there and welcome to my blog,
If you stumble across it right now then please accept my apologies as its brand new.
It is my intention to do my best at giving those who read (and hopefully follow) my blog a small insight into the life of a mariner, firstly explaining the history of how it came about and there after a series of updates of various ships I have sailed on and the places they have taken me.
That being said it will more than likely become a diary of the silly situations my new cat finds himself in! At times my spelling amd grammar will be appalling as I’m but a simple sailor and many of these posts will be published after working some long or stressful hours! Also I intend on keeping my swearing to a minimum and never voice my views on politics or subjects of a sensitive nature.
And now for your bit…. I welcome your comments and questions but please be respectful of me and others who might be reading or have commented, please do not ask questions of a political ┬ánature or about sensitive subjects. Basically don’t be rude and I won’t have to be either!
Please stop by again soon for what I hope to be an insightful, enjoyable and easy reading blog.


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