Travelling and the Sea

Travelling is one of the biggest draws to our industry, the whole point of sailing has always been to reach a foreign land. Who wouldn’t be wooed by calls of “see the world, get paid to look out of the window”? It turned out to be a little more complicated and involved than that but I guess it’s still the crux of it!

Sailing in the Merchant Navy has taken me to over fifty countries and all seven continents, which has been nothing short of incredible. The opportunities for travel so far have been fantastic and I thought that I would share with you my favourite place on each continent:
Asia- Singapore, it might just be a tiny dot on the map but this stunning country has everything and is truly a home away from home for me, my heart jumps for joy when my flight tickets come in to send me back there.
Africa- I spent some time teaching sailing in Kenya and spent a lot if time with the locals and visited schools etc and it’s one place that really touched me and I’d love to go back.
Australia- who doesn’t love Oz? I was on the first ‘boomerang’ run to Australia for Maersk and the captain arranged for myself and 2 other cadets to have a day trip out in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane and I have to say that I’d move to Sydney in a heart beat. Although Melbourne certainly had the most interesting pilotage… penguins in the bay!
North America- has to be Hollywood, although I’ve been to America many times, I absolutely loved going on day trips from the port of long beach, getting the metro and heading to Hollywood for sight seeing and extra size portions of everything.
South America- Montevideo, Uruguay… best steaks in the world and even better wine. I had my 21st birthday here and it was unforgettable! Having a birthday with your shipmates and having your watch covered by the chief mate certainly makes for an interesting night. The meat market adjacent to the port is truly special and set up in an old British railway station gave it a strange but familiar setting.
Antarctica- no amount of words on paper or pictures on a screen can do Antarctica justice, its simply beautiful, stunning, every inch of it, so picking a favourite place is almost impossible but if I have to pick one, it would he Halley 6, we helped deliver all the stores and materials to the newest research station and it was a humbling and remarkable experience. Halley 6 has recently been televised by the BBC and I’d recommend the documentary to anyone wanting to better understand the work the scientists do there.
I love taking a moment to think by on some of my favourite places and the trips that I’ve had. So many of my experiences would simply not have been possible had I not become a deck officer in the Merchant Navy.
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