Sunset Sundays

This is Sundays picture of the day, unfortunately for some reason it would not upload yesterday.
Quite clearly it shows a beautiful sunset, something a mariner is no stranger to. As an Officer Cadet you will spend (hopefully) plenty of time with the other thing that is pictured; a gyro compass repeater and bearing diopter.
Just after this picture was taken the sun was in the perfect position to take information for something called an ‘Amplitude’, using this we can calculate whether we have an error in our compass. This is important for obvious reasons so if you find yourself undertaking Deck Officer training you will be expected to become competent at accurately obtaining these as part of your bridge watchkeeping training.
For those not looking to become an Deck Officer, then I hope you like the picture all the same.
Taken on the Nedlloyd Hudson in the Indian Ocean 2006
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