Our New 4th Officer…

Today’s picture of the day is far too difficult to choose, so I will just post them all…
They are of our new arrival who has been a ‘real hoot,’ She was instantly promoted to fully fledged Deck Officer due to her fantastic vision and obvious intelligence. it’s always useful to get a ‘birds eye view’ People ‘flocked’ to see her… well… I did anyway!
My initial thoughts were that she was a little owl, but the more I ponder, the more I question it. I remain unsure of her make and model, maybe someone who knows a little about owls can leave their positive ID of her in the comments box?
Hugely friendly and in good condition despite taking a battering in 50kt winds and relentless rain, the nearest land is 100+ miles away so I assume she was blown off course. She allowed me to stroke her and ruffle her feathers leaning into it rather than moving away scared. I was going to pick her up but ‘chickened out.’
I was worried that she was too far from anywhere to survive and started planning how to look after her until we were closer to land, but 2 hours before I finished work she disappeared, so my hopes of feeding her bacon and eggs were dashed!!
I love the odd wildlife that we get whilst at sea, but to me this was also a little taste of home, not that I eat owls but because it was native to home, not the sort of wildlife we are accustomed to.
I hope you enjoyed seeing these pics, I certainly had fun taking them.


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Comments (5)
  1. Anonymous says:

    Yes, it’s an owl

  2. Gem says:

    Aww! I hope she made it to land ok! She looks like a right little character!

    Gem x

    • She came back! I think it was just a case of drying off, the closest resemblance I can find is a short eared owl, which migrates from Scandinavia to the UK in winter, which we are right inbetween now.


  3. Anonymous says:

    Yes that’s a Short Eared Owl. Don’t feed it human food you could kill it. If you like birds of prey you shud go to Holdenby House for a bird of prey day, but if your like me you may want to buy one after flying them around.

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