Operation Mail Bag

Operation Mail Bag began after what can only be described as a stunning night, mirror seas, not even one knot of wind, clear skies, stars all out in force, the works!
Sunrise was as you’d expect in this kind of weather, nothing short of breathtaking!
At around 1030 the Gryphon was joined by a helicopter, nothing new, even in the bad weather they were receiving choppers, they are used to ferry joining and leaving personnel to and from Aberdeen.
At approximately 1032 Operation Mail Bag began after said mail bag was lost over the side due to downwind from the helicopter. Here on location we have a support vessel also referred to as a guard vessel, whose sole purpose is to be close by in case of emergency and provide cover for the FPSO during helicopter operations etc.
I could easily drag this post out with big words and long descriptions of the event but I’ll explain the series of events in such a way that the time it takes for you to read this is the time it took for the support vessel to launch and recover the package and be standing by to hand it up to the rig. Put it this way, it took longer for someone on the Gryphon to find a rope than it did for the Guard vessel to launch, find and stand by with the package.
The guard vessel, VOS Runner had launched their Fast Rescue Craft (FRC) in a matter of seconds and I’m pleased to have seen how quickly these guys can spring into action, I’m glad that if anything were to happen out here I know those guys are true professionals. Well done guy’s I hope all other guard vessels are as swift and professional as you… even if it was just recovering a bag of newspapers and FHM magazines!!!!
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