My Narrow Escape

As some of you will have noticed I didn’t post at all through May, June and July and for that I apologise, it was intentional and here is a quick run down as to why…

One day into my leave, 12 weeks ago now, I was made redundant. I shan’t go into detail about the why’s and wherefores but what I will say is that it was truly devastating, this was my second redundancy under the same company umbrella and I can assure you it’s no easier the second time.
During this time it would have been far too easy to be negative and have a rant or blame this or blame that and that is not productive, professional or appropriate. So I decided it was best to be on radio silence until I got back on my feet and positive again.
After 8 torturous weeks my redundancy was thankfully overturned after a review of my experience and history with the company.
Why torturous? Because everyday for 8 weeks I was job hunting, even on my holiday I didn’t stop looking or making calls. I’m still uncertain as to whether being on a cruise was the best idea, it served as a painful reminder I was jobless and it also made me reconsider my career… Cruise Ship Officer… Piece of cake!!!!
I will admit I totally took the job market for granted, I wholeheartedly, maybe even naïvely thought it would not be hard to get another job, it was!!! Having said that I stand firmly by my previous post on my 13 job hunting tips.
It is soul destroying painstakingly updating your CV frantically trying to get it perfect so you can send it to as many companies as quickly as possible only to not hear back from 99% of them, or to receive an automatic response explaining you have to use their online web recruitment form, knowing full well they don’t get looked at until a position is available, which is clearly never.
My friends deserve so much praise for all their help during this time, providing contact details for companies who may have vacancies, giving me endorsements or recommendations on linked in and generally giving incredible support the entire time.-  You know who you all are!! Thank you!!
I’ll wrap up this post by urging you all, at sea, ashore or anywhere between; keep your courses and certificates up to date, your CVs up to date and please never take your job for granted and remember loyalty means nothing but your paperwork and courses do, they are what saved me in the end, thankfully!
The Mariner
It's only a joke
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