Great White Adventures

I like to keep in contact with Cadets I have sailed with for a number of reasons, mostly to follow their progress and help provide additional information and advice should they need it, also because by the time you have spent many months training with them they quickly become friends. Keeping in contact is also good for knowing more about the industry, what company has the best conditions  and pay etc.
But the very best thing about keep contact is the pictures they post from all over the world.
One of the cadets I sailed with recently Chris Barnes, travelled to Cape Town, South Africa and there have been numerous problems with getting him onboard so he has had to fend for himself in a country he’s never been to before… so in true seafarer fashion he made the very most of an all expenses paid wait to join the ship.
Below are my favourite pictures of his that he took whilst out for a spot of boating around the cape, all photo credits go to Chris Barnes
It’s a hard life,
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