Goodbye Gryphon Alpha!

So, that’s it, no more heading control charter… it’s been emotional.
This is just a short post to thank everyone involved for a successful few months and to post a final few pictures, unfortunately I didnt have my SLR with me until this last trip so I don’t have pictures of all those involved but I hope you like what I did manage to capture.
A Close up of Gryphon Turret
Gryphon Alpha
Helicopter approaches through the fog.
Bibby Saphire carrying about diving operations.
A spot of wind…
VOS Runner the guard vessel.
Skandi Achiever operating the heavy lift crane.
The Dina Supplier- Supplying!
Green Seas
Skandi Achiever – Achieving.
Can you spot Venus in the morning Sky?
Maersk Lifter approaching.
Maersk Lifter receives a heavy lift


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