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Through the power of social media (my twitter account) I recently found out about an exciting new blog being written from the RRS James Clark Ross. The blog in question is written by a PHd student called Louise Biddle who has a keen passion for exploration and of course there are few places better to explore than the Antarctic.
What I really like about this blog is that it also details the processes taken  prior to being allowed onboard to sail ‘south’ as there is much additional training required for certain jobs. I also really like that we get to see more on the life of the scientists that sail onboard. Louise’ s blog can be found here.
My favourite of her blog posts so far can be found here, in this post Louise talks of her time in South Georgia, one of the most beautiful places I’ve had the privilege of visiting.
Louise’s picture of KEP
Not only is Louise studying for her PHd whilst onboard she is also an active ambassador for ‘Education Through Expeditions’ a social enterprise whose core aim is to pioneer innovative ways of teaching, through distance learning, school visits and workshops.
Louise is one of the many scientists and researchers involved in this enterprise that brings a credible eye witness account and expertise from environments all over the world in in real time.
The ETE connects explorers and schools and their aim is to amaze and inspire children and adults alike whilst educating them about the world around them. The ETE team has a great deal of experience in the Polar Regions and in delivering exciting school assembly talks. Members from their expedition teams bring their personal stories and experiences to inspire pupils about the world of exploration. Photos, expedition kits and chilling tales, it is sure to leave children inspired about the Polar Regions.
They have an interactive curriculum and extensive learning resources developed from real life case studies from expedition materials gathered by fieldworkers, scientists and explorers across the globe.
I really hope the teachers amongst my readers will check out the ETE website and consider getting in touch, and the younger of you guys should show your teachers and get them to organise a visit from some Antarctic heroes!!
Also like me, they try to post as frequently as possible so be sure to check back often.
My Picture of the JCR alongside at KEP
My pic of a fur seal standing his ground.
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