Coffee Confession

My followers on twitter and instagram will all be very well aware that I’m a loyal Starbucks customer and I like to take Starbucks via (instant) ground coffee for a machine away to sea with me but I have a confession to make…
But first indulge me and allow me to tell you the history of my Starbucks obsession because it wasn’t quite as simple as buying an Apple MacBook Pro and needing a place to show it off. It all started back in University, I was a tea drinker, hated coffee, I had never been to a Starbucks before and was certain that would not change. But at the start of my 4th and final year we had a new guy join our course who had just finished the foundation degree, David! The less said about David the better, quite the bastard! But also to this day one of my best friends!
David was, what is known amongst Starbucks employees as the Coffee Master! yes I’m serious… The master!! He was one of the youngest employees to be crowned as such and was the only Coffee Master in the region. He also wore a black apron to let all the green apron wearers know he was ‘The Master’ even the managers were not as prestigious as Dave!
David bought me my first Starbucks after a conversation about how I disliked coffee and was a tea drinker extraordinaire! He vetted me for awhile and came back with a cup of black heaven and that was it really, we would go 5 times a day, rarely pay and would get to try all the foods in the mornings before going to lectures!
So back to the confession Spence, get to the point… Well I have to confess despite having the usual (and large) Starbucks supply onboard including some Christmas blend I stocked up on… I confess that I went to the corner shop in Lerwick and purchased some Nescafé instant cappuccinos had one and went back and bought the entire stock which also included some Lattes & Mochas and I’ve all but 5 or 6 sachets left and I will be very disappointed when they are gone!
I cheated on Starbucks for the first time in 5 years! Well apart from the Nespressos I’ve been having at home with my new mean green machine!
You think I’m bad and coffee mad? My friend Natalie just bought a Nespresso machine for her cabin!!!!!
Sorry if I dragged that out, it was quite momentous for me, I thought I’d share!!
The Mariner
I’m very jealous of this cabin coffee!


Apparently it even comes with a carry case!


My new faves on the right!!


My green machine at home!
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