Beautiful Buoys

Todays picture of the day is of a Starboard Lateral Buoy was taken on a stunning outbound pilotage from Glasgow whilst onboard the RRS James Clark Ross, we had been in to have our stern gantry re-installed. The weather was spectacular, I believe I have the time-lapse video for the pilotage, I shall see if I can upload it when I have better internet.
A Starboard Lateral Mark or in this case buoy is used in maritime pilotage to indicate the edge of a channel.
Each mark indicates the edge of the safe water channel in terms of port (left-hand) or starboard (right-hand). These directions are relative to the direction of buoyage; in a river, the direction of buoyage is towards the river’s source; in a harbour, the direction of buoyage is into the harbour from the sea. Where there may be doubt, it will be labelled on the appropriate chart and nowadays ECDIS computerised charts.


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