Apology & Explanation

This one is a tough one to write…


Firstly, I will start with an apology, missing in action for three years with no explanation, that was bad form. I am sorry for abandoning you all. I’m grateful for every like, follow and comment, they have always meant the world to me and I have really missed the world of blogging and also video editing.


My departure was not entirely my fault, in fact I was really enjoying where this website was headed, I was immensely proud and looking forward to the future. So much so, I actually went and purchased over £5,000 worth of camera and video equipment and was looking at taking video editing classes.


I joined a new ship, Cable Ship Maersk Recorder, which was under a 5 year fixed charter with Deepocean. I loved being on the ship and all the new opportunities it afforded and set about making videos, blog posts and put tens of new pictures on my instagram. I had finished a long video regarding the successful mobilising of a project and uploaded it to youtube, the Offshore Manager loved it and proceeded to show the big wigs in the office. I was on leave by this time and then received several missed calls from a Sat Phone and emails saying I needed to contact the ship and that it was an emergency…..


I finally received a call from the Offshore Manager saying that I had to cease and desist my website immediately, remove all pictures, videos, posts and anything regarding the Maersk Recorder and if I did not then Deepocean would see to it that I was sacked…


I was absolutely heart broken, weeks, months, years of my time had gone into making my site what it was, it was really gaining momentum, not to mention I had spent thousands on equipment I planned to use to provide better quality content and I had just been told in no uncertain terms to stop.


Naturally disheartened, I removed everything. I could have of course carried on with some of the more training based posts but I was being watched like a hawk and I just thought it would be better to do as instructed and not have to worry about consequences or if I put a foot out of line with a post I made or comment I wrote. I had also just narrowly dodged redundancy so best not to rock the boat right?


Well, I’m not the Recorder now  and hoping to kick this all off again…


I am looking forward to getting back into the swing of things and posting as often as I can.


The Mariner


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