Antarctic Disaster

Antarctic Disaster
Hey everyone, I’m sorry for the dramatic head line and this is potential blog suicide as I said I would not voice any political views but this one is too close to home to do nothing about.
As you may have read and no doubt seen the pictures; I used to work for the British Antarctic Survey (BAS). This week they have come under government fire and it’s been proposed to amalgamate them with the National Oceanography Centre (a reputable centre in its own right). This simply cannot happen, especially in the name of money!
BAS are at the forefront of polar science and are truly world renowned. A reputation that has taken more than 50 years of ground breaking work and dedication from countless people. The true Antarctic heroes! Many of whom I’ve had the privilege of working alongside. If you are unaware of BAS then I’ll give you just one example of their work, work that changed the world forever… They were responsible for the discovery of the hole in the o-zone layer!
The work of the British Antarctic Survey has never been more important, or more relevant to the UK. For example, teams of BAS scientists are presently looking into the risk of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet collapsing, which on its own would lead to three metres of global sea level rise, affecting low lying areas across the world, including major cities such as London.The British Antarctic Survey should remain as a separate entity dedicated to polar scientific research, fully funded, with its headquarters kept in Cambridge within the world-leading research centre in which it is embedded.
Whilst no one can deny our countries all need to find ways of saving money, but I can assure you destroying one thing ‘us Brits’ can still be truly proud of is not one of them!
As soon as possible I will post pictures of the interesting works that these scientists carry out on board the ships that they have at their disposal.
Please follow the link below and sign the petition to STOP this desperate and ill thought out move by our government, this can be signed by anyone from around the world.
If you need persuading please visit
We need approximately 650 more signatures to fill the required quota.
I’m sorry to ask, but this simply cannot be allowed to happen.


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