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Today I thought I’d post quite a few pictures of what the view from the bridge has been like, we have had some amazing weather, both good and bad. We’ve had mirror seas, that are amazing especially for this time of year. We have also had big winds, gusts of 60 knots that had us struggling to maintain position, we’ve even had a spot of snow, well… full scale blizzards actually.

For up to date and daily pictures of what I get up to and the view from the bridge, you should add me on instagram …my username is srw_87 and if you haven’t already then you should definitely like my page on facebook you can do that here.

I hope you like these pics, tomorrow I hope to post my Mariners Top Ten Travel Tips


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  1. Jenni Lam says:

    Great photography Spencer! The top right picture is my favorite, but wow – they’re all really spectacular. It must be quite a sight to experience a blizzard at sea. Landlubber me didn’t even know that was possible! Do you have a flickr account for your photography?

  2. I’ll echo Jenni – these are beautiful photos. Catching the sunrise and sunset every day must be a real bonus to life at sea. Seeing the fog and rain and snow that you have to navigate through is impressive. Can you imagine sailing through conditions like those 200 years ago before GPS and RADAR?

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