A Panoramic Working Paradise

Today’s picture of the day:

A panorama shot of my current work station at the Dynamic Positioning (DP) desk. From Left to right you can see:

  • Conning Chair- we can drive manually from this chair, control the DP desk or drive on a joystick.
  • Conning screen
  • 2x DP computer screens
  • Fan beam controls
  • ECDIS – Computerised charts used to help us navigate (we still use paper charts onboard)
  • Radar (x-band repeater)
  • Above the window – various indicators for thrusters & rudders etc.
  • Centre Console- too many radios and phones and shark jaw controls, emergency stops you can also see our survey screen use for ultimate precision.
  • Winch CCTV cameras, winch controls, winch driving chair.
You will have to forgive me for the uneven-ness of the shot, we are still rolling a fair bit onboard so its had a fair affect on taking a straight photo.
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