A Lovely Leave

Hello again everyone,
Once again I must apologise for my absence, I’m back onboard the Maersk Laser now and we have a new project working for British petroleum BP working heading control for the FPSO Schiehallion West of Shetland whilst several vessels work in the vicinity, the 500m zone and the FPSOs swing circle, I shall tell you more about soon.
I think a small update as to why I’ve been absent for a short while is in order….
Whilst on leave I found myself with little free time; house repairs and decorating took up a lot of my time, I finally got around to sorting two of the guest bedrooms which saw pleasant results and thankfully so! I also dedicated some time learning to cook. Ha!
I spent my 26th birthday in Pisa, Italy; which was amazing, it was only for the weekend but it was long enough to get a feel for Italy and to know for sure that I’ll be going back soon, perhaps Rome or Venice at the end of the season. I also went to the Harry Potter Studios for my birthday, what? Had you not realised I’m a totally geek yet?  The studio was fantastic and I really really enjoyed going, if my mum is really lucky I’ll take her for her birthday!
Also this leave I had a re-jig of my car situation and both my BMW and Audi have gone and been replaced by my newest love affair, Marcy; Marcy the Mercedes a spur of the moment decision really, one I’m certainly glad I made! So if you are reading my website looking for pros and cons of working at sea…. She is definitely a pro!!
So… That’s a little of the past and my poor excuses for not blogging, my next blog post will be a few more excuses but are blog related and a little on the future of www.the-mariner.co.uk
I hope you forgive me 😀
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