The Gym

I went to the gym today…..Yes you read that correctly!
But it’s not what you think, it’s actually where some genius decided to store our bog roll! No… I’m serious… It’s genius! Think about it… To collect our bog roll we have to walk in, past all the brand new gym equipment, past the CD player and 2 flat screen TVs, open the cupboard and then walk all the way back again.
This is essentially a fat sailors walk of shame! If you are very unlucky there might even be someone working out in there!
Usually I will find myself in the gym every day, performing some sort of backwards/cackhanded version of a workout. But the weather has to be fairly reasonable to use any of the equipment safely and unfortunately that has meant that this trip the gym has started gathering dust.
As some of you know I took up rock climbing fairly recently and I had been doing pretty well maintaining body and finger strength but this trip and unfortunately the previous one saw a bit of a dip in this routine. As I’m sure you can appreciate; swinging about on a fingerboard would potentially be very damaging to my fingers.
The trip to retrieve the bog roll also served as an opportunity to get some pictures of our gym, from what I hear its one of the best in the fleet. It’s certainly better equipped and a little more spacious than the gyms on the other ships I’ve sailed on. Although the RRS James Clark Ross had a sauna!!!
I wanted to post some pictures of the gyms on previous ships, as it turns out I didn’t visit them that often… erm… make that not even once to take a picture or two. There has been a definite increase in the number of people on board using gyms in recent years and Maersk employ a company ‘the physical initiative.’ To go on board our vessels giving health an fitness advice and personal training.
So for those of you who like to keep fit and are thinking of starting a career at sea then I wouldn’t be too worried about finding a way to stay in shape; if you have good time management skills.
Of course exercise should be met with good nutrition which onboard the Laser is easy.
Taking pictures of dinners etc onboard comes over a little rude so I won’t do it often but below is this mornings breakfast…. And some fruit!
Nothing beats working on a boxboat for a real work out.
Gym onboard the Maersk Laser
An example of a cruise ship gym…
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  1. As my current position dictates, I have to express my concern at the lack of PPE being worn in the first photo!!

  2. Hahaha duly noted, this was taken 5 years ago and I am in fact wearing safety shoes. Certainly wouldnt get away with this nowadays, good Old P&O Nedlloyd!

  3. jo roberts says:

    good morning and welcome to the ‘guns’ show – boom 🙂 loving the blog Spence!

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