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I’m pleased to announce that I’m now in a position to maintain a fitness at sea tab, the principle behind the new fitness at sea tab is pretty simple, firstly it will hopefully show to those looking at joining the Merchant Navy what sort of facilities we have, the advice we get and to also show that if you do already enjoy keeping fit then it’s still possible to keep up with your routines onboard. Secondly for those of you who don’t want to go to sea and live on a boat and are just here to enjoy my ramblings then the posts may also provide some useful info and tips for your own heath and well being. You may even find it interesting or reassuring to know we are able to enjoy a good workout should we feel the need, although some of the older mariner readers may certainly argue the job should be enough workout.
The company that I work for; Maersk Supply Service, employ the services of a health, fitness and well-being company known as The Physical Initiative. I recently had the privilege of sailing with a consultant from that company, it really was a great experience and very helpful. Fitness at sea is becoming much more popular and as such it would appear that having a gym onboard is fairly commonplace nowadays.
I intend to post a number of times on The Physical Initiative over the next week or so. One explaining who they are and what they do and another explaining what I did with the consultant and show you an example of the results and fitness breakdown that I received. Even if that does mean giving away my BMI!!!
Some really great news is that I have spoken with the Head of The Physical Initiative, Andrew Neighbour and he was keen to help bring health and fitness awareness to you all via this blog. We discussed that a good way of doing this was to include information by way of a monthly newsletter. I shall back date a few for you to get a feel of just how good they are.
Please note that working together with the team at The Physical Initiative is not about increasing revenue or advertising it is simply an effort to raise the awareness of health and fitness at sea and also with readers ashore. By working together we hope to reach some seafarers who might not have much information onboard about how to train or what they could eat to improve health and well being. Ultimately this is all about safety, put quite simply improved awareness of physical risks will help reduce minor injuries.
I really hope you you enjoy this new addition to the Blog and that you may benefit from it.
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